Upgrading to 2.0

Release Policy and Project Management

  • All required server files are released immediately along with any client updates.
  • Everyone, regardless of their chosen server setup, can run their own Taviana server.
  • We work with the Bliss team to bundle the server files inside Bliss for maximum ease of use.
  • We maintain this public facing project management portal as a singular place for reporting, tracking, and resolving issues.
  • We do not have designs on changing the core functionality of DayZ within the scope of releasing the map port. We intend to conform as much as possible to the existing DayZ Mod and Bliss core functionality. We do however have plans to make improvements that will be submitted directly to the DayZ and Bliss teams for their consideration and testing.
  • We won't endorse or advertise any company or private hive in the splash screen, web site or anywhere else.
  • We are careful to not take credit for the base map itself, which is the fine work of -Martin-.