Upgrading to 2.0

Upgrading to 2.0

Upgrading to 2.0

This page includes details to assist server administrators in upgrading to DayZ Taviana 2.0. If you simply want to play, the quickest way to upgrade is through DayZ Commander.

Bliss Package

Bliss is currently undergoing large structural changes and it in unclear when DayZ Taviana will be available through Bliss. However, you can download a fork of Bliss that should operate in exactly the same way at:


Once you've cloned or downloaded the ZIP file you should be able to follow the standard Bliss installation instructions.

Be sure to run update_scripts.pl with the argument --world tavi, as the new version contains a number of script lines that will otherwise cause BattlEye kicks. If you manually modify your BattlEye filters, see the upgrade guide below.

Details of Changes

Some servers are running heavily modified versions of Bliss and the DayZ Taviana package. We've provided this information to assist with upgrading these services. If you are running a standard Bliss server (and haven't made custom changes the mission, server or database schema files) you should just be able to follow the Bliss instructions.

The Bliss convention of labeling the Bliss directory Repository is observed in the change list below.

The changes are:

  • kh_dayztaviana.pbo has been updated in the @Taviana folder, and kh_maule.pbo has been added to the @Taviana folder. The download from DayZ Commander should be used to upgrade this folder.
  • Repository\mission\world\tavi has updated files. The file settings.sqf is new, and both init.sqf and mission.sqm have been modified.
  • Repository\schema\Bliss\mysql\0.35-0.36 contains SQL update scripts that add the new vehicles.
  • Repository\update_scripts.pl has been modified to include BattlEye exclusions for the Maule M7 and the Dynamic Weather modifications. You either need to run update_scripts.pl (if you do not manage the scripts manually) or you can add the following rules manually:
!"_vehicle addAction ["Refuel", "kh_vehicle_refuel.sqf","

!"if (_fuel >= 1.0) then { _fuel = 1.0; };\n\n_target setFuel _fuel;"
!"if (driver _vehicle == player) then { _vehicle setFuel 0 } else { _vehicle setFuel _fuel };"



!"_ps = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal getpos _vehicle;"
!"_psblood = \"#particlesource\" createVehicleLocal getpos _victim;"

!"if (alive _victim and (_victim distance _vehicle < 10) and (_vehicle isKindOf \"kh_maule\") and (vehicle _victim == _victim)) then {\nif (local _victim) then { _victim setdammage 1; };"

!"compile preprocessFileLineNumbers \\\kh\\dayztaviana

If you have been running DayZ Taviana the following rule will already be in your exceptions, and does not need to be added again:

!"if (_fuel >= 1.0) then { _fuel = 1.0; };\n\n_target setFuel _fuel;"