PsiSyndicate: Taviana Part 1

Taviana: Part Two

Nick Bunyun: Taviana - Bandits Attack

Taviana Bandits!

Paycer: Herbert the Pervert - Taviana

HybridPanda: Survivor GameZ II - Taviana

Welcome to DayZ Taviana

Welcome to DayZ Taviana.com. This site will serve as the central portal for development information, community interaction, and news related to the combination of the DayZ Mod & Martin Bauer's Taviana Island map.

  • DayZ Commander is the easiest way to download and play DayZ Taviana.
  • DayZ Bliss is the official DayZ Taviana server file set.
  • Martin from Ripthrough Studios is the author of the Taviana map that DayZ Taviana is based on.
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Server Providers

It is important for server providers to understand the proper procedures when handling customers who want to run DayZ Taviana.

You may not sell a server bundled with DayZ Taviana. If your customers want to convert their DayZ servers over to running the DayZ Taviana mod, they must install @Taviana themselves.


If you are entering, updating, or tracking bugs that you have encountered on either the test server, or any production DayZ Taviana server, please head over to the development page (linked at the top) for this information.

Please ensure that new bugs are entered with as much data as possible, and following the sample bug template:

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